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Violet and I are getting married and will be on our honeymoon, then moving her into my house, then her Birthday happens.
So I will not likely be doing any updates or posts until after that.
I'm sorry for some of the project delays, but now that I have someone to share life with, it might be easier to get things done as a team.
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She Said Yes by Stitchfan
She Said Yes
28 years old, I finally have someone to share life with.

She told me she hates diamonds (due to knowing their "actual" value and how the market is controlled).
She also said if I was to get her something, or do something for a formal engagement, it should be thoughtful but didn't have to be fancy.
And we both agreed the "jumbotron engagement" wasn't our taste. She got me into minecraft, even though I had avoided it for years (knowing how addicted I would get if I tried it) so I thought this was fitting.

She loved it, and has been bragging about it to her friends ever since. :heart:
We will be two very happy nerds.
Should be married before the summer.
Apperently I killed Batman's parent's by Stitchfan
Apperently I killed Batman's parent's
Looks like one of my crappy self portraits... but more angry.

(Not my art obviously. Gotham © Fox / DC Comics )
Now before you all comment on how tasteless I am, remember, everybody does it and nobody likes it.
And since internet commenters vent about far more trivial garbage that often doesn't even concern them, I think it's fair to spend a few minutes talking about something we can all relate to, regardless of how tasteless it may be.

1. We All Have to Go Some Time

No matter who you are, how rich/poor, young/old, no matter your race, gender, or culture... EVERYBODY does it.
Most people do it at least once a day. Think about all the time you've spent perched over a hole, waiting, straining, hurting, anticipating that movement. Sometimes we try to make it better by the distraction of electronics or reading materials, often prolonging the experience. Think of all the times when we've had to go and not had a way to relieve ourselves, like during a road trip, or while somewhere that doesn't have facilities.
Think of that desperate time you couldn't wait and had to use a bus/plane/train restroom, an outhouse/portable-toilet, or just the outdoors itself.
If I had 3 wishes, although it wouldn't be one at the top of the list, you can bet one of them would include never having to poop again.
The fact is, we all go but nobody wants to.

2. Going with the Flow

There are several types of movement, none of which are pleasant, but some are worse than others:

- The Regular
This is that stuff that is supposed to be "the most healthy", that can happen 2-4 times a day. You've probably been eating a balanced diet, and since no good deed goes unpunished, enjoy wiping 20 times especially if you end up with that "brown crayon" stuck in limbo. This is also the most likely to get on you no matter how careful you are or how much toilet paper you have between your hand and the dirty area.

- The Log
This one often comes from eating a lot of dense food, carbs, and protein and a general lack of fiber. It's usually accompanied by constipation. The good news is one movement will take care of you for the whole day (or more). And as a bonus, when you wipe you're usually already clean (unless you're bleeding).

- The Cow Pie
You're eating you're veggies... maybe too many. It's basically a thick milkshake. Not too hard to clean up after, but you might want to use the wet wipes. You now smell like a baby diaper change session before and after wiping.

- The Big D
Basically liquid, like a soup broth (with or without little bits). Accompanied often by terrible abdominal pain and/or "fire in the hole", you either ate something you shouldn't have, you're sick, or the universe just hates you. One of the most hellish natural experiences imaginable.

- Dishonorable mentions
The Shart (breaking wind that isn't wind), Explosive D (Big D, plus gas, plus a huge mess to clean up), The Carrie (Blood... better get that looked at), The WTF ("I don't remember eating that", or "I think that's a gallstone"), The Horror (any combination of Fire in the hole, hemorrhoids, constipation, Big D, or any of the others that cause discomfort or pain).

In the end, we can't really do anything about it but make sure we are trying to be healthy.
Make sure to monitor what your stool is doing so you can help keep your body strong and in good condition... you know, so you can spend another 60 years in the bathroom.

(Also wash your hands!)
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Hey guys, in case you wonder why I don't post much here anymore, I've been doing a lot of side work through Aywas and similar through their art boards. Basically re-skinning sprites, sometimes animating them. I also pick up related jobs on their forums. I'm not getting rich, but it's steady enough work and I get to draw and keep my own hours.

I'm still working on my other commissions on the side, so those of you who have stuff in my queue, you know I'm still working on things when I can.

I'm also trying to juggle in real life stuff, like my wonderful bride to be, Violet. Combining lives makes it easier in some ways, but now we have 2x the work and things to juggle. Not to mention I'm still working on my movie when I have the time.

I'm sure everything will work out.
Thanks for watching,
- Mikey
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Violet and I are getting married and will be on our honeymoon, then moving her into my house, then her Birthday happens.
So I will not likely be doing any updates or posts until after that.
I'm sorry for some of the project delays, but now that I have someone to share life with, it might be easier to get things done as a team.
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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Like my style of humor? Follow me on Twitter to watch my so called "attempts" at being funny:

See my other account here: :iconfluffyjackalstudios:

Birthday: November 26, 1986
Current Residence: Disney World (At least that's where my heart is)
Favourite genre of music: Any clean classic-rock or techno, stuff, film soundtrax, theme park music, 8-bit, etc.
Favourite cartoon character: Any furry characters from Stitch + Bolt + Kung Fu Panda & Over the Hedge + Robin Hood + Etc.
Personal Quote: "Lawl" (I've been saying it aloud in Real Life :D )

If you gave a Llama or a favorite, Thanks! (I don't leave thank you notes or return Llamas anymore due to the amount I get each day, but I am very happy you like my work :D )

If you see comments "Hidden by Owner" below, those are just links I leave for myself as reminders that I hide later to save space.

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